8 gifts the dog owner in your life doesn't know they need

Last Updated March 2019

For some people, dogs are family members rather than simply pets, and they love to express their affection for their canine companions all the time. There’s no shortage of gift options for the dog-obsessed people on your list, but what if you’re looking for something other than the standard dog toys and treats?

Fortunately, there are plenty of products for the pet parents on your list that are as useful as they are appealing.

  • Genetic test

Shelter mutts make great companions, but adopters may not have access to detailed histories of their dogs. A canine genetic test like our favorite, the Wisdom Panel, not only provides a look into three generations of a dog’s ancestry, but it also screens for multi-drug sensitivities and potential health issues.

  • Automatic feeder

Even the most devoted pet pet parents sometimes have busy schedules, which may mean missing dinnertime. An automatic feeder such as our top choice, the Petnet Smartfeeder, connects to WiFi and can be set up to deliver a specific portion of food at a certain time.

  • Dog camera

Separation anxiety can be a nerve-wracking condition for both dogs and pet parents alike. Gift them peace of mind with a WiFi-enabled pet camera like our top pick, the two-way Furbo camera. Not only does it give dog owners a full view of their pets’ activity when they’re out of the house, but the app also delivers bark alerts, and the audio feature allows them to talk to their dogs and calm them down. Best of all, the Furbo cam can be loaded with treats that are tossed through the app.

  • Backseat hammock

For the pet parents who love taking their dogs everywhere, but don’t want to deal with fur and dirt all over the car, a backseat hammock for a car or SUV is an excellent option. They are easy to install and remove, and many come with seat belt attachments that clip to a dog’s harness for additional safety. The iBuddy Seat Cover is machine washable, adjustable for different vehicles, and has mesh windows to vent air to the backseat to keep dogs comfortable.

  • Grooming supplies

As much as dog owners love their fur babies, constant shedding and finding pet hair all over the house is one of the less appealing aspects. One of the best ways to eliminate unsightly furballs from around the house is to stop shedding in its tracks with the Furminator deshedding tool. It comes in several different styles based on the dog’s size and coat length to easily remove loose hair without damaging the coat or scratching the skin.

  • Travel accessories

As a stocking stuffer for pet parents who are constantly on the go, travel accessories are a great option. We love collapsible water bowls such as the COMSUN that includes a small carabiner to attach it to a backpack or leash. People who are always on the go with their dogs will love a designated travel bag like our favorite, the HiLike organizer bag. It has compartments for organizing all a dog’s essentials, food carriers, and two collapsible bowls.

  • Comfy bed

Dogs are den animals by nature, and they love to snuggle up in a cozy space. A cave bed, like our top choice, the Furhaven snuggery, has a different base for comfort, including memory foam, gel, and orthopedic foam, which is a smart choice for older pets. It has a lined top to allow the dog to burrow and get extra cozy, and the cover zips off to make it machine washable.

  • Electric pet nail trimmer

Nail trimming isn’t fun for owners or their dogs, but there are ways to reduce the stress for everyone. Rather than having to take their dogs to the vet or a groomer for a nail trim, an electric nail trimmer makes it easier. A rechargeable nail trimmer like our favorite, the Hertzko electric pet nail grinder, has a diamond bit to file nails down and a mute motor to avoid scary noises.

  • Fetch toys

For active pups, fetch is the ultimate game. The Chuck-It ball launcher makes it possible to shoot tennis balls hundreds of feet with a flick of the wrist. The handle is lightweight and portable and dog owners use it to throw balls faster and farther. Best of all, it increases the convenience of playing fetch because there’s no need to bend over or grab a slobbery ball.

Written by:
  • Tracey