6 ways to celebrate Singles’ Day

Last Updated March 2019

Are you single and proud of it? Celebrating your status isn't just for couples anymore. November 11 is Singles' Day, a holiday set aside to recognize being single and the sense of pride that goes along with it. This special day began in China in 1993 as a way for young bachelors to rejoice in their singleness. Over the years the concept not only evolved to include the hosting of singles' parties for those looking to find love but has also caught on around the world as a day of shopping. From looking for awesome deals to enjoying your favorite activities, if you've wanted a reason to take a little time for yourself, Singles' Day is the perfect time to do it.

Regardless of how you feel about being single, November 11 is your day. Take a little time to think about what makes you happy, ways to take care of yourself, and the the types of activities you enjoy. If you need an excuse to indulge in yourself, Singles' Day is the day to do it!

Go shopping

Whether you haven't found your soul mate, you’re fresh out of a relationship, or you’re simply satisfied being single, don't worry about your relationship status. Instead, think of the day as the perfect reason to focus on you with a little retail therapy. Maybe you’ve long wanted a unique piece of jewelry, a smart watch, or some designer perfume. There's no reason to wait until Mr. or Ms. Right comes along or Christmas to drop hints. Singles' Day gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in that special gift for yourself.

Invest in your health

Another way to honor being single is to focus on the things you love doing most, from working out to playing sports and everything in between. If giving yourself an elaborate gift isn't your style, purchasing new gear for your favorite activities is another option worth considering. Buying items like gym and exercise equipment, golf clubs, a tennis racket, or fitness tracker is the perfect way to treat yourself to something new that you’ll enjoy using, as well as a way to invest in your well-being by helping you stay fit, active, and fulfilled.

Forget about the holiday of love. Singles' Day is all about being proud of going solo. It's also a great day to treat yourself to something awesome or spend time with friends in celebration of your independent status.


Go out

Being single also allows you more time to spend with your friends, so what better way to mark the holiday than to head out on the town with a few? Put on something special, get your group together, and enjoy yourself. If you’re keeping an open mind about meeting that special someone, socializing with the gang will also give you more opportunities to meet new people.

Host a party

If you’d rather entertain at home, think of Singles' Day as a good time to restock your kitchen with small appliances and gadgets that will make cooking for guests quick and easy. A food processor, Instant Pot, and dinnerware, for example, are the perfect items to take you from prep to table with minimal time and effort. And if you like to serve a little wine with dinner, a wine cooler or rack is what you need to keep enough of your favorites on hand for your get-togethers. Don't forget a wine opener and glasses so you and your friends can toast the single life.

Enjoy some alone time

If you'd rather take some time just for yourself on Singles' Day, this will give you a chance to regroup and relax. Pop in your earbuds, put on your athletic shoes, and go for a walk or run. If you’re a dog lover, leash up your best friend and venture out to a neighborhood park. You can even spend the day in nature by packing up your gear in a hiking backpack and heading out to your favorite trail. When it comes time for some relaxation, unwind by cozying up to a good book on your e-reader, listening to music, or watching TV.

Invest in your future

You can also approach Singles' Day as a time to think about the next step on your journey to reaching your goals. If you’re working toward a degree, investing in a new laptop or MacBook will help you tackle your educational milestones. On the other hand, if you’re looking for your first job or seeking to move up the career ladder to a new position, make sure you look the part with professional clothes, dress shoes, and briefcase.

Written by:
  • Jennifer