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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Whether you’re attending an Ugly Christmas Sweater party or want to make a mockery of the holiday season, having at least one ugly holiday top in your wardrobe makes the end of the year extra fun. Here are our top picks.

Best for the Entertainer

Fun Costumes

Christmas Present Sweater

Be the gift that keeps on giving in this kitschy sweater. You’ll fit right in at a white elephant party.

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Best for Keeping Warm

Ugly Sweater Co.

Men's Hooded Reindeer Sweater

This men’s fit knit hoodie is topped with plush reindeer antlers (when you put the hood up). It’s sure to keep you cozy!

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Best for Dog Lovers

Lost Gods

Pug Lights Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is perfect for a dog owner – Christmas lights and a Santa hat stands amid snowflakes. Cute, weird, and festive!

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Best for Dressing Up

Ugly Sweater Co.

Snowman Cardigan Sweater

Great Aunt Elsa might actually be jealous of this women’s cardigan. Layer it with something sparkly for a new level of gaudy.

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Best for Nostalgic Geeks

Fifth Sun

Nintendo Ugly Christmas Sweater

Video game geeks can get into the spirit of the season with this retro play . Mario jumps along a Christmasy Mushroom Kingdom motif.

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Best for the Boss

Ugly Sweater Co.

Elf Boss Suit

If you’re feeling mischievous, this elf hoodie is it. A pointy hat that makes this green and red sweatshirt all the more fun.

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Best for the Cat Obsessed

Lost Gods

Women's Cat Snowflakes Sweater

Everyone loves silly cats. Festive felines adorn this bright red sweatshirt that is fit for crazy cat ladies.

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Best for Getting Hugs

Costume Agent

3-D Reindeer Sweater

A plush reindeer is literally sewn into this blue and red sweater, making you huggable and gossip-worthy at the same time. Cuddle up!

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Best for Movie Lovers

A Christmas Story

Fragile Leg Lamp Light-Up Sweater

Even the biggest Scrooge laughs at A Christmas Story, especially the ugly lamp scene. Wear an ugly sweater celebrating that moment.

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Best for Bad Boys and Girls

Faux Real

Santa Suit with Tattoos

Feel like showing some skin? Be a Bad Santa with this tatted-up look. This shirt bares some while you still stay warm and covered.

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Best for Looking Cute at the Holiday Party

Ugly Sweater Co.

Cute Santa Girl Hooded Sweater

Want to look cute but stay warm and family-friendly? This flirty hooded sweater channels a young Mrs. Claus or North Pole helper.

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Best for Feeling "Baa" Humbug

Faux Real

Baa Humbug Ugly Xmas Tee

It doesn’t get much tackier than this. It’s actually a comfortable, crew neck long-sleeved tee fit for sheepish elves.

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