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Shopping Guide for Best Samsung Tablets

Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, whether you’re talking about tablets or smartphones, and Samsung has carved a strong niche for itself in the world of mobile devices.

Although quite a few manufacturers make Android operating system tablets, the Samsung Galaxy family of tablets ranks highly among consumers.

Several different models of Galaxy tablets give you different sizes of screens and varying levels of processing power, at numerous price points.

If you’re in the market for a tablet, it’s a great variety to choose from.

If you’re ready to join the Samsung tablet customer base, we at BestReviews can help you find the best model for your needs.

Most Samsung tablets run on the Android operating system, which means you will need a Google account to make the most of its features.

We pride ourselves on the detailed research we perform, which yields information you can trust.

We never accept free samples from manufacturers, which means our selections and product reviews are free of bias.

Read through our Samsung tablet shopping guide to understand the key features available in these amazing mobile devices!

Product in Depth

Product in Depth

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Portable Powerhouse

Samsung has put together a great mix of portability and usability with the impressive Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. It has a slightly smaller screen size and lighter weight than many tablets, making it easily portable. It offers plenty of RAM, so you can perform all of the tasks you want simultaneously. This tablet includes an extremely bright screen, yet it also offers very good battery life, two features that rarely appear together.

Samsung Tablet Features

When comparing Samsung tablets, you can separate the choices based on a few key features.


Display Size

A larger display size works well for most people. If you want to watch movies on your Samsung tablet, for example, a larger screen makes the movie watching experience more enjoyable.

However, a larger display will cost more money.


When locking the screen on your Samsung tablet, you can select from varying levels of security.


Display Resolution

The maximum resolution that the Samsung tablet can reach plays a role in your enjoyment of the screen, too.

Most larger tablets can reach full HD resolution (1920x1080) and higher, which is important for watching movies. Most smaller tablets won’t offer full HD resolution.


To wipe out your data on an old Samsung tablet before selling it or giving it away, use the Factory Data Reset feature.

Staff  | BestReviews

Battery Life

Pay attention to the battery lifespan of the mobile device.

You don’t want to be taking an eight hour car ride with a Samsung tablet that offers six hours of battery life.

Product in Depth

Product in Depth

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Great Features and Price

Although you might not expect to find a long list of great features with a low-price Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 achieves that rare combination. The screen resolution and screen size rank especially high with the Galaxy Tab A 10.1, making it work well for video streaming. Artists will appreciate the inclusion of an S-Pen and the ability to run graphics and drawing software. It also offers great battery life.


Wireless Connection

All Samsung tablets will connect to a Wifi network. However, not all of them can connect to a cellular network.

If you want cellular capability in a tablet, look for a tablet with this feature and then purchase a monthly cellular plan.


The Airplane mode on your Samsung tablet not only works on an air flight, but it also will conserve battery life while you’re on the ground.


Operating System

Nearly all Samsung tablets run from the Android OS.

However, you may find an occasional model that makes use of the mobile Windows OS.

Using a device like a Chromecast stick will allow you to mirror your tablet’s display screen on a TV.



This indicates the amount of memory you have available for processing tasks.

Generally speaking, the more RAM a tablet has, the better its performance will be.

Product in Depth

Product in Depth

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Sharp, Compact Screen

You’ll notice the best feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 immediately, as its screen resolution is extremely sharp and clear. This tablet runs a little small versus some other models, which does make it nicely portable. You will even feel comfortable holding this model in one hand while running the screen with the other, almost like a smartphone. It does lag behind some other models in processing power and memory, though.


Storage Space

This measures the size of the area available to store data and apps.

Some Samsung tablets allow you to expand this space with a memory card.


You can add data storage capacity to most Samsung tablets via a microSD memory card. To gain more storage space on your Samsung tablet, you can uninstall apps that you’re no longer using.

Cost Options for Samsung Tablets

One of the nicest things about Samsung tablets is the variety of price points from which you can pick. Because you have so many choices, you’re sure to find a model that’ll fit in your budget.

When it comes to the price of the Samsung tablet, you may find some exceptions to the guidelines we’ve listed here.

A certain tablet may be close to replacement with a newer model, for example, which may lead to a greater than expected price drop.


Samsung tablets automatically rotate the screen orientation as you turn the tablet, but you can disable this feature when it interferes with how you’re using the tablet.

Staff  | BestReviews

Under $150

These low-cost Samsung tablets often will have very little RAM and minimal storage space. Samsung tablets aimed at children often fit in this price range, too.

These tablets have smaller than average screen sizes, often just a little larger than the largest smartphones. Resolution often remains at less than full HD in this price range.

Product in Depth

Product in Depth

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6

Tablet for Fun

When seeking a Samsung tablet that has features aimed more at having fun than for business, the Galaxy Tab E 9.6 will keep you entertained. This tablet carries a low price, a great feature for a tablet designed for play. It’ll give you good performance for video streaming and basic gaming. And for those times when you have to be a little serious, you’ll have plenty of processing power for checking e-mail.


$150 to $300

A mid-range Samsung tablet will have a couple of great features, but the other features will remain at an average level.

So, if you want an excellent screen resolution above all else, you can find that type of tablet in this price point, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice performance in other areas.

Another area where mid-priced Samsung tablets suffer a bit involves the quality of the cameras. Some of the tablets in this price range will be older models that have dropped in price recently.

The still image camera features on a Samsung tablet tend to approximate features you’d find on a simple point and shoot camera.


$300 and Higher

A handful of Samsung tablets fit in the upper end of the price range. Such tablets offer screen sizes of nine inches or more, with excellent resolution of full HD quality or greater.

Samsung tablets in this price range tend to offer an S-Pen stylus. They also will offer 64 GB or more of internal storage and high-quality cameras, both in the front and the rear.

Many new Samsung tablets start in this upper price range, because they contain the latest features and technologies.

You can personalize the look of your Samsung tablet by changing the wallpaper or the screen saver images.


Q. Can I use a real keyboard with my Samsung tablet?

A. You have a few options for typing on a physical keyboard when entering data onto a tablet. Perhaps the easiest approach is to purchase an external keyboard, and attach it via Bluetooth or to the USB port on the tablet.

Q. What’s the best way to back up data from my tablet?

A. Most Samsung tablets that run the Android operating system will allow you to set up automatic backups through your Google account to Google Drive in the cloud. Many people love this feature because you don’t have to remember to perform the backups, as they happen automatically. However, you also can make backup copies of your data yourself by connecting the Samsung tablet to a computer through a USB cable, and copying the files from the tablet to a computer folder.

Q. How can I gain more storage space on the Samsung tablet?

A. Some Samsung tablets allow you to add storage space via a removable memory card. If that feature isn’t available on your tablet, perhaps the best way to gain more storage space on your Samsung tablet is to uninstall apps that you’re no longer using. This will give you more space for downloading new apps. As with a computer, you can delete your old files on the tablet to free up space, such as old spreadsheets, photographs, or videos.

Q. How can I conserve battery life with the tablet?

A. If your tablet’s battery power seems to be running low, you can conserve battery by entering Power Saving Mode. You also can turn down the brightness of the screen to save battery power. Turning off the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity prolongs the battery life, too. Some apps make use of a lot of battery power, especially those that deliver constant notifications, so you can disable or close those apps.

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