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Best Gifts for the Home

Some people have a way with making a house feel like a home, and that includes this person on your list. Furniture, decor, appliances and more – whatever they've been looking for, we've got a recommendation.

Best Roombas


Roomba 980

Its impressive performance capabilities, features, and value earn it the top spot on our list.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners


Small Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

No other machine on the market that will deliver the same level of performance, durability, optionality, and user friendliness.

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Best Ring Doorbells


Video Doorbell Pro

A top pick for those who want increased security and are willing to pay a higher price.

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Best Scented Candles

Diptyque Baies

Roses with Black Currant Leaves

It's expensive, but if you want the best available when it comes to scent, ingredients and burn performance, this is tops.

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Best Salt Lamps


Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp

A beautiful, high-quality salt lamp constructed with attention to detail that will add beauty to your home.

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Best Essential Oil Diffusers


LiteMist, Color-Changing

Effective, safe ultrasonic cold mist generation and an appealing design make this diffuser the best available.

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Best Touchless Trash Cans


Semi-Round Sensor Can

With a sleek design, long warranty, and battery-powered motion sensor with a high degree of reliability, it's an impressive investment.

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Best Weather Stations

Davis Instruments

Vantage Vue

The Rolls Royce of weather stations, this expensive device rivals most pro-grade units.

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Best Air Purifiers



Gets the highest marks for its ability to remove germs from the air quickly and effectively and unobtrusive design.

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Best Smart Thermostats


Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Hands down the best smart thermostat available right now. Pioneered the market and represents the state of the art.

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Best Amazon Echo Device


Original Echo

The original and still the best, most well-rounded device on Amazon's Alexa voice service. Amazon regularly updates software.

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Best Smart Light Switches


Smart Light Switch

Smart light switch with a sleek design and great connectivity. Great choice for the homeowner who wants to simplify life.

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Best Steam Mops


Powerfresh Steam Mop

A thorough product from a stellar manufacturer. The best steam mop on the market.

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Best Steam Irons


Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

Plentiful heat and copious steam make this steam iron the best available.

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Best Dry Mops

Nine Forty

Ultimate Cotton Dust Mop

Industrial-strength. Compact enough for home use, yet wide enough to clean large wood floors quickly. Comfortable to hold.

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