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    Best Hand Mixers

    Our shortlist of top hand mixers includes a range of models with different capabilities and price points. We've got a solution for every type of beating, whisking, and mixing task. The only question now is which top hand mixer would best meet your needs.

    Products we considered

    • Cuisinart
      Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer
    • Oster 2500
      Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer
    • Hamilton
      Power Deluxe Hand Mixer
    • KitchenAid
      9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer
    • Breville
      Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer


    Ergonomics and Attachments

    Weight, grip and balance affect how comfortable a hand mixer is. This is an important consideration, especially if you mix ingredients frequently. While most mixers come with a similar range of attachments, there can be important differences that could affect your choice.

    Speeds and Controls

    You don't beat eggs and make dough at the same speed. In this part of our hand mixer review, we look at the flexibility each model offers. We also look at the range of controls each product supplies.

    Real-World Performance

    A manufacturer's description of a product can be enticing, but does it honestly tell you what the appliance is like? This part of our ratings includes information from real owners about each mixer's real-world performance.


    Does a cheap hand mixer give you all the versatility you need, or should you spend a bit more? In this section, we assess the value that each model provides.

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    Ergonomics & Attachments

    Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer

    If you're looking for a hand mixer that's light and portable, the 1.7-pound Oster is about as light as they get. It's fair to say that the weight savings probably comes from the manufacturer's use of low-cost materials. Indeed, this isn't the most robust model you'll ever use. However, many owners think it's a reasonable trade-off for the low price. Oster claims that the handle is "ergonomic," although we don't see anything particularly special about it. The attachments are quite basic: a pair of beaters and a pair of dough hooks.

    Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

    At 2.5 pounds, the Hamilton Beach weighs considerably more than the Oster, but it's still reasonably light and manageable. The machine seems solid, and while just about every manufacturer claims that their handle is "ergonomic," there truly is a nice feel to the Hamilton Beach's slightly textured plastic handle. The stainless steel body looks great, and there are three different attachments: two sets of beaters (one normal, one wire) and a whisk. We were slightly surprised to discover that no dough hooks are included.

    KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater

    The two-pound KitchenAid KHM926CU Hand Mixer is available in a choice of five colors. This model is proof positive that a lightweight mixer isn't necessarily made of cheap parts. There's a high-quality feel to this mixer; the soft grip handle receives particular praise. Included in the KitchenAid package is a good selection of stainless steel attachments: standard beaters, dough hooks, whisk, and blending rod. Unfortunately, a few owners received some attachments that weren't straight, causing an unpleasant wobble that made the mixer more difficult to control.

    Breville BHM500XL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer

    If you like bright and shiny, the chrome finish of the Breville BHM500XL Hand Mixer will certainly appeal. (It's also available in red or white.) At 2.6 pounds, this high-quality machine is not at all heavy. However, some owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the grip of the handles – especially with damp or floured hands. The Breville's attachments are standard: a pair of beaters, a pair of dough hooks, and a wire whisk.

    Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

    A quick glance at the Cuisinart HM-90S Hand Mixer's specifications suggests that it weighs four pounds, but that's misleading. For some reason, Cuisinart includes the weight of the case and all of the attachments in this figure! The mixer itself weighs only about two pounds. Numerous owners have remarked how easy it is to handle. The grip is pleasantly contoured and gives confidence in use. We've featured the white version (there's also a chrome one) which comes with the expected pair of beaters, dough hooks, and whisk. A useful spatula is also included.

    With an ergonomic sculpted handle, the two-pound Cuisinart HM-90S is comfortable and easy to use.

    Speeds & Control

    Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer

    The low-priced Oster 2500 Inspire has five speeds that are controlled by a simple sliding knob on top. There's a boost button that gives a bit of extra power to any of those five settings. Most owners find the speed selection to be adequate; the "low" speed has been singled out for specific praise by some owners. (On some models, many cooks find even the slowest speed to be too fast. That's not the case with the Oster.) The beater eject function is standard, although some people have complained that it works with difficulty.

    Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

    In theory, the six speeds provided by the Hamilton Beach Classic Hand Mixer should give more flexibility than the Oster. In practice, however, there appears to be little difference. This is another machine that has a useful "boost" button for a bit of extra impetus across the whole speed range. However, one or two owners thought the button itself, situated just below the speed range control, was a bit too easy to operate by accident. Overall, owners say that the controls work well and there are no beater release problems.

    KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater II Accesso

    The control panel on the top of the KitchenAid KHM926CU Hand Mixer is comprised of an on-off switch, an indicator to show which of the nine speeds have been selected, and a beater release. It all looks very smart, and according to owners, it functions very well. Many people say they like the flexibility the KitchenAid offers.

    Breville BHM500XL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer

    If you're looking for the ultimate in variable performance, the 16 speeds offered by the Breville BHM500XL Digital Hand Mixer would certainly attract your attention. We suspect that the control panel, with its back-lit LED, would do the same. The manufacturer has obviously put a lot of thought into the layout of this appliance. With a big beater release, an on-off switch, a "soft start" option (to minimize splattering), a turbo boost, a timer, and buttons on either side of the display, the Breville truly is a cook's delight.

    Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

    With the Cuisinart HM-90S, you get a choice of nine speeds. These speeds are selected by the user via soft-touch "plus" or "minus" buttons on the top of the mixer. While simple in appearance, this is actually quite a clever idea; unlike the sliders or hard buttons you see on other models, the soft-touch buttons make it almost impossible to change the Cuisinart's speeds by accident. The remainder of the controls are quite basic: there's an on-off switch on the top and a trigger under the handle for beater release. This appliance is straightforward and functional, although we are surprised that it does not include a "boost" option.

    The Cuisinart's soft-touch "plus" and "minus" buttons make it nearly impossible to accidentally change the mixer's speed.
    Susan T.
    Expert Consultant

    Susan Sano Tuveson has been cooking for people for five decades. Educated in music, law, and languages, she left her legal practice to establish Cacao Chocolates in Kittery, Maine. A three-time Best of Seacoast New England winner, the shop was popular for its high-quality artisanal truffles flavored with unusual local ingredients.

    Susan T.  |  Chef, Food Entrepeneur

    Real -World Performance

    Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

    The Oster 2500 Inspire is one of the cheapest hand mixers in our ratings, and it has plenty of fans. The motor is rated at 240 watts, and while that doesn't directly translate to the power available, most owners think there's plenty. Beating mashed potatoes and making dough are counted among its strengths, and as we noted earlier, the low speed setting in particular gets lots of compliments. Owners don't like the fact that it's difficult to stand up (and easy to knock over), and in the past, the beater and whisk coatings have tended to flake off. However, that problem seems to have been rectified, as we encountered no recent complaints about flaking in our research.

    Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

    With a peak power of 290 watts, the Hamilton Beach 62650 is the most powerful hand mixer in our ratings. In real terms, it seems to be more than enough for the majority of owners' needs. One or two people even suggested that it's comparable to a stand mixer! We especially like the built-in bowl rest. There aren't many negatives about this product, although some owners say it's a little noisy, and a few had problems with age-related stripping of the plastic gears.

    KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater

    KitchenAids proudly touts the stainless steel "turbo beater accessories" included in the KHM926CU package. Owners like the fact that they're safe for the dishwasher. For some reason, the manufacturer does not quote a power output figure, but owner feedback suggests that it's good enough for most light to medium tasks. Like most hand mixers, it will struggle a bit with heavier doughs, but it's unfair to expect a hand mixer to completely replace a stand mixer. A few owners found the selector a bit difficult to maneuver, but in general, consumers agree that the KitchenAid performs as expected.

    Breville BHM500XL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer

    With a claimed output of just 200 watts, the Breville BHM500XL might initially seem a little under-powered. User comments suggest quite the opposite, however. According to owners, this is a powerful machine that is capable of taking on just about any mixing task with no obvious strain on the motor. The Breville's flat back is appreciated for the way it allows the mixer to sit on the counter, and the timer is also very useful. Surprisingly, a few minor complaints have been reported, including LED faults and weak attachments that "strip" the teeth that hold them in.

    Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

    Earlier we said that we were surprised the high-quality Cuisinart HM-90S does not include a "boost" function. However, it should be noted that the 220-watt motor tackles the problem in a different way, with an automatic feedback system that senses how hard the machine is working and adjusts power accordingly. Owners report that this works very well, enabling the Cuisinart to cope with all kinds of mixes without strain. They also like the positive release trigger for the beaters and the fact that the beaters are rigid yet thin enough to allow mixes to flow. A few owners warned that the slow start is a little confusing in that it begins faster – at about speed three – then quickly slows down. This is not a major gripe, but it can cause splattering at times. A very small percentage of owners have experienced motor problems, as can happen with any machine. Problematic Cuisinart motors should be replaced under warranty.

    With a peak power of 290 watts, the Hamilton Beach 62650 is the most powerful hand mixer in our ratings.


    Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer

    If you're looking for a cheap hand mixer, you'll find it tough to beat the $10 Oster 2500 Inspire. It's a rather basic machine, but it's got plenty of power and five speeds – the lowest of which receives special praise from owners. It's fair to say that this is not the most robust hand mixer. (It falls over easily, and the beaters get stuck quite often.) If you frequently use a hand mixer, you would probably want to invest a bit more money. However, if you primarily use a stand mixer and just want a hand mixer for occasional use, the Oster 2500 could be the appliance for you.

    Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

    For just $27, you can buy the Hamilton Beach 62650. It's an inexpensive hand mixer with higher-quality feel than the Oster. With a total of six speeds, it's also more powerful and flexible. There are no dough hooks, but the other attachments (two sets of beaters and a whisk) are great, and it comes with a useful storage case that snaps onto the bottom. Owner feedback is mixed. Some owners find it a little heavy and noisy, but most like the solidity of it – especially for the low price.

    KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater

    There's no doubt that the KitchenAid KHM926CU is a high-quality hand mixer, but it does cost $99. Owners are complimentary of its solid feel, its nine speeds, and its soft start. They also like the fact that the accessories are stainless steel (not coated) and dishwasher safe. The KitchenAid's power output is acceptable for most jobs, but it does struggle with heavier mixes. Some people have had problems with wobbly attachments. While this would certainly be annoying, it's not something that seems to affect a lot of owners. Overall, the KitchenAid is a good – but not exceptional – performer.

    Breville BHM500XL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer

    At $119, the Breville BHM500XL is one of the most expensive hand mixers in our ratings. Like the KitchenAid, it's certainly a high-quality piece of equipment. The control panel is excellent, the heel stand receives a lot of praise, and many owners love the timer. In spite of its smaller motor, the Breville still delivers plenty of power. Quite a few people say it's the best mixer they've ever owned, but unfortunately, there are also a number who are critical of the Breville. Their criticisms center around a lot of little flaws rather than one stand-out fault. Considering the fact that Breville is a premium brand, we find this surprising.

    Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

    If the ideal scenario is a top-quality hand mixer at a middle-of-the-road price, the $75 Cuisinart HM-90S goes a long way toward meeting that demand. This well-made machine includes all of the attachments most people would need. With nine speeds, it is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate all types of cooking requirements. A highly popular hand mixer, the Cuisinart scores consistently high in customer satisfaction ratings. A few owners don't like the way the "slow" start actually begins at a moderately fast speed, and several though the attachments ought to be stainless steel. These minor quibbles aside, the only other surprise is how much cheaper the Cuisinart is than the KitchenAid or Breville.

    With nine speeds, the Cuisinart HM-90S is powerful and flexible enough to meet all types of cooking demands.

    Best of the Best

    Each of our finalists has plenty to offer, but the Best of the Best hand mixer is the Cuisinart HM-90S. It manages to marry reasonable cost to great performance – a tough combination to beat!

    If you're going to be using a hand mixer a lot, it needs to be light and easy to control. With an ergonomic sculpted handle, the two-pound Cuisinart is very comfortable and easy to operate. An oft-used mixer also needs to be versatile and powerful. The Cuisinart's nine speeds and 220-watt motor cope with every mixing and beating task you throw at it. The controls are clear and simple to use, and it comes with beaters, dough hooks, a whisk, a spatula, and a clip-on base in which to store them all.

    This is a high-quality, robust, durable hand mixer with excellent owner satisfaction ratings. Like any machine, however, it has a few critics. Some people don't like the so-called "slow start" because it runs fast for a few moments before settling down. This catches people off guard and can cause splattering. A few would like a "boost" option. The Cuisinart has an auto feedback that adjusts to compensate for thicker ingredients, but it doesn't operate with the immediacy that some other models offer. One or two think it's a little loud.

    Nevertheless, if you talk to the majority of owners, they use expressions like "Great!" and "Awesome!" to describe the $75 Cuisinart. Indeed, this quality mixer would make a wonderful addition to any cook's arsenal.

    Best of the Best
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    The Cuisinart marries reasonable cost to great performance – a tough combination to beat!

    Best Bang for Your Buck

    Although the Oster is unbelievably cheap, the hand mixer that provides the Best Bang for Your Buck is the Hamilton Beach.

    The Hamilton Beach only has one speed more than the Oster, but its 275-watt motor is actually the most powerful in these ratings. It's put together very well, with a combination of plastic and stainless steel that's far better than what you would expect for the money. At 2.5 pounds, it's a bit heavier than some competitors, and some people are critical of this weight. Others, however, find it perfectly comfortable. The clip-on storage case and built-in bowl rest are useful extras, and they underline an attention to detail that you don't often find in hand mixers at this price.

    The manufacturer supplies two different kinds of beaters and a whisk, but no dough hooks. This could be an indication of the sort of mixing and beating it's intended for. We encountered no specific complaints about a lack of power – in fact, many owners like the Hamilton Beach a lot – but it's perhaps best suited to light and medium tasks rather than heavier doughs.

    Often with cheap products, you get a fair selection of negative feedback. That's not the case with the Hamilton Beach; very few people criticize it. Some think the "boost" button could be better positioned, and some think it's a bit loud. A few older Hamilton Beach mixers have developed problems with stripped gears. Overall, most owner feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and owners are surprised and delighted by how well this $10 hand mixer performs for the money.

    Best Bang For Your Buck
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    For the money, owners are surprised and delighted by how well the inexpensive Hamilton Beach 62650 performs.
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