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Best Gifts for the Movie Buff

From newly launched blockbusters to the classic drama, this person always has time for another great film. Their collection goes from Blu-rays to posters and accessories, and they never have enough.

Best Home Theater Projectors


Home Cinema

The best projector money can buy. Consistently gets high ratings from home users and imaging equipment experts alike.

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Best Projection Screens

Silver Ticket

4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema 150'' Screen

A top-of-the-line model with exceptional quality. If you want to grab attention with exceptional images, this is the one to get.

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Best Popcorn Makers


EasyPop Hot Air

A few quirks aside, this popcorn maker is an excellent and reliable choice if you need to make large quantities of popcorn at once.

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Best Popcorn Machines

Great Northern

Antique-Style Popcorn Popper

By far the best deal available. You won't find a popcorn machine with better quality at a lower price.

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Best Blu-ray Players


3D Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

If you want top-end features and don’t mind paying a bit extra, this model clearly delivers the goods.

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Best DVD Players


Wi-Fi Blu-Ray

The best on the market. It's hard to argue with the reliable performance and versatility of this unit.

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Best Soda Makers


Sparkling Beverage Maker

A bit better than the SodaStream because it will carbonate any liquid. If you can find one in stock, you will love it.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers


SoundLink Mini

The best compact Bluetooth speaker available – you won't find another with better sound or a more reliable design.

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Best Soundbars



A top model by a brand that is known for offering excellence in sound – competitors can't beat this soundbar for all it has to offer.

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Best Streaming Devices


Fire Stick

You won't find a better streaming device at this price point. Without question the best value for your money.

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Best Roku



Excellent picture quality for 4k video with a quad-core processor for fast streaming speed.

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Best Mini Projectors


Portable DLP LED Projector

The best choice for users who want exceptional projection and image quality and numerous features.

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