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Best Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

If you think 7 a.m. is an early wake-up time, this person has already gotten in a run and a green smoothie. Whether it's baking energy balls or getting in an extra boot camp class, they're always on the go and always #fitnessgoals.

Best Yoga Mats

Jade Harmony

Professional 74

An ideal mat for the serious yoga practitioner who is concerned about stability and durability. The best on the market.

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Best Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Blaze

Smart Fitness Watch

A solid tracker that, in some ways, “competes” with the Apple Watch – but costs far less.

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Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Grip Power Pads


Surpasses the competitors in every way – comfort, stability, and support. You won't find a pair that has more to offer.

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Best Women's Running Shoes


Women's GEL-Kayano 23

Well worth the investment, these shoes provide everything you expect, including comfort and style.

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Best Men's Running Shoes


Men's Gel-Nimbus

Our highest-rated pair: well worth the extra investment, these shoes provide everything from great performance to stylish looks.

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Best Running Headphones


Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Waterproof headphones with a long battery life that can go from a sweaty run to the pool, making them super versatile.

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Best Mini Trampolines


Fitness Model 250

A durable equivalent of many commercial-grade gym trampolines. The best on the market.

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Best Rowing Machines


Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The absolute best rower on the market. Well worth the money given its quality components and exemplary construction.

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Best Kettlebells


Contoured Single Vinyl Coated

Definitely the best on the market. We recommend investing in this product whose durability and expert design pays off over time.

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Best Protein Powders

NAKED nutrition

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

The healthiest, purest protein powder on the market right now.

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Best Stopwatches


100 Lap Memory

Has all of the technical functions many coaches seek, such as recordable split times, lap comparisons, and pacing.

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Best Heart Rate Monitors


Surge Fitness Superwatch

A convenient, easy-to-use "superwatch" with many valuable features. The best on the market.

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Best Headlamps

Black Diamond

ReVolt Headlamp

The best on the market. If you are looking for exceptional performance in any indoor or outdoor setting, this is your best bet.

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Best Sports Sunglasses


Men's GasCan

These pricey glasses are worth their cost in terms of durability, construction quality, and eye protection.

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Best Men's Sports Watches


Rescue Big Case Watch

Has an extensive list of great features for a sports watch that's also extremely tough.

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Best Pedometers


Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Everything you need in a pedometer for tracking your fitness goals in an attractive, wearable design.

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Best Weighted Vests


40 lb. Adjustable

A popular vest that provides outstanding performance, even during intense workouts.

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Best Balance Balls

Live Infinitely

Professional Grade Balance Ball

In spite of some reported issues common to inflated balance balls, it tops the list on quality, support, and sturdiness.

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