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Best Gifts for the Crafty Person

Walking into this person's home is walking into a gallery of handicrafts of all kinds, from delicate decorations to functional furniture. Anything DIY is their jam, and they obsess over building their world with their own hands.

Best Sewing Machines


Computerized Sewing Machine

The best of its kind on the market today. More sturdy and reliable than its competitors. Perfect for both beginners and experts.

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Best Embroidery Machines


5x7-inch Embroidery Machine

Undoubtedly the best of the best. Makes up for the steep price tag with reliable performance, results, and setup.

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Best Glue Guns


Adjustable Temperature Industrial

Hands down the best model available – its competitors can't come close to its performance and durability.

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Best Cricut Machines


Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Cuts precise shapes, letters, and patterns on a variety of materials (paper, vinyl, iron-on, fabric) to DIY all day long.

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Best Washi Tape Sets

DIY Crew

Washi Tape Set

Who doesn't love Washi Tape? This exclusive set has colorful, appealing patterns - perfect for a busy gift-giving season to come.

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Best Tape Dispensers


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

What's colorful, cute, and makes you want to reach for the tape? No crafter can resist this charming dispenser.

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Best Tape Measures


25 Ft. Measuring Tape

A pro-grade model with convenient features that users love. It works just as well as costlier brands. The best on the market.

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Best Soldering Irons

Hakko Soldering Station

FX888D-23BY Digital

Undoubtedly the best soldering station for the serious solderer.

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Best Paint Sprayers


X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

A solid paint sprayer that blurs the lines between amateur and professional use. The best product available.

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