We've all heard the horror stories of the AdSense Policy team.

Your account gets terminated without any warning. Google takes over your accumulated revenue. All of your email appeals go unanswered.

The cases are endless, and the victims are many. This time, though, we caught the "Don't be Evil" guys with their own hand in the cookie jar.

Check out this screenshot, taken on 6/18/2014, on the no longer supported Google Answers:

AdSense ad over text

In case nothing jumps out at you, placing ads on top of content is a strict no-no in the AdSense Program Policies.

Ok...well maybe this is just a browser issue. After all, nothing every loads properly on Internet Explorer.

But on closer, inspection, we see that this is happening on Google's very own browser: Chrome!

But wait! There's more.

Check out this page:

Google again manages to violate their own Policies by serving ads on a page about gambling. Here are the official guidelines:


Ok, but who cares if this is happening on a few random pages on a service that Google has already shut down?

Sure enough, it isn’t a few random pages. It turns out that more than 190,000 pages are in egregious violation of Google’s policies. 

Total number of Google Answers pages

If that’s not enough, check out the ads that Google has the stomach to serve on other pages: 

AdSense ad with image

This time, Google appears to be serving a new type of text ad unit that violates its own rules:

Google terms 

Every day, Google sends thousands of AdSense termination emails. Should we expect the next one to look like this?

Google email